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5 Ways To Dramatically Lower High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a condition that is prevalent in the United Kingdom. At least one in four adults suffer from hypertension, which is more than ten million people when you factor in the entire population. That’s a lot of people, so it’s not uncommon for typical,’ ‘everyday’ men and women to experience heart resistance. 

In some cases, it’s a normal part of life. However, it doesn’t have the nickname ‘silent killer’ because it’s cute and cuddly. Having high blood pressure may not be a death sentence today, but it is a big deal, and you should do your best to reverse the process. Thankfully, hypertension isn’t terminal, and a handful of simple-yet-effective modifications to your lifestyle will improve your wellbeing and boost life expectancy. A happy heart equals happy life.

Here are the five ways you can dramatically reduce your numbers and eliminate the risks involved in your diet. Mostly, the following are natural and organic, but some medications work, too.

Change Your Exercise Methods

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to understand the benefits of exercise. In fact, you probably know about the link between working out regularly and a healthy, efficient heart. When you get the blood pumping, not only does the heart become more powerful, therefore needing less effort to transport O2 around the body, but resistance is also less. Studies show that training cuts blood pressure percentages by as much as 3% to 5%.

Still, the problem persists – finding the motivation to train. After all, you’ve got to exercise for forty minutes per day at least three to four times a week. Even people whose blood pressure is low may not get this amount of exercise. The trick is to search for training methods that make you happy, which encourage you to laugh and smile. A team sport is always a savvy idea because it involves socialising with new, different people. Football, for instance, means that you’re not alone.

Alternatively, you may want to work out in small bursts. Tabata training involves pushing the body to its limits over a short period, generally between ten and twenty seconds. It’s tough, yet brief, high-intensity exercise is proven to be better than longer sessions.

Eat More Potassium

Do you want to reduce the effects of hypertension? Usually, guides make it sound incredibly straightforward. Cut out refined sugars and sodium – done! Of course, people with sweet and savoury teeth can’t eradicate a habit at the click of a finger. For one thing, refined sugar is proven to have addictive qualities. Plus, it takes time and energy to sift through every packet to find the salt content.

If only there were another way. The good news is that there are alternatives, and the best one is to consume more potassium. The p-word is a natural suppressor of salt and sugar because it works in tandem with the kidneys to remove harmful elements. Even better is the fact it is found in several foods that are tasty and delicious. A banana is a prime example, but so are yoghurts, fish, and sweet potatoes. Let’s face it – you can make fantastic meals from these ingredients without much effort!

Also, another thing to remember about potassium is that it eases tension. Considering hypertension is caused by resistance in the blood vessels, this is a feature that you shouldn’t underestimate.

Talk To Your Doctor About Orlistat

Now, it’s worth noting that Orlistat is a drug that helps you to lose weight. But, it’s more than a fad diet pill that does more harm than good. Firstly, it works in conjunction with lifestyle changes. So, if you eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly, you can expect to lose 5% of your body fat within three months.

Secondly, and this is important, it’s prescribed, and only under specific conditions. For a doctor to give you the medication called Orlistat, your BMI must be over 28%. Also, you must show symptoms of hypertension. Last but not least, you’ve got to prove that you are attempting to change your habits for the better. Orlistat is powerful, yet it only works if you are driven and motivated to transform your life. Before you get excited, the decision is down to your GP, so the option may not be on the table. However, it won’t hurt to broach the topic and ask more questions.

Maybe they’ll consider writing you a prescription if the current alterations don’t have the desired effects.

Listen To Music

There’s an argument to say that there hasn’t been a more unpredictable time since World War Two. Suddenly, the Covid-19 pandemic swept through the world and put everybody on lockdown. As well as being housebound, you may have had issues relating to your job and career. However you’ve been affected, there’s a good chance that your cortisol levels are high.

Scientific reports show that 21st-century is the most stressful era ever, thanks to workplace triggers and traumatic life experiences. Therefore, even after this crisis is over, there’s nothing to say your blood pressure will lower along with your cortisol levels. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to find ways to take your mind off the situation, as only once you forget about it will it seem less important. Listening to music has incredible therapeutic advantages because it allows you to get lost in the beats. Other alternatives include steaming in a sauna, reading a book (not current affairs), and acupuncture.

Of course, if small needles in your back don’t appeal, you can try the traditional options, such as walking and watching TV. Be careful of the latter, though – increased screen time is bad for mental health. 

Believe In The Unbelievable

Sometimes, hacks emerge that seem too good to be true. Yes, eating dark chocolate sounds great, but it isn’t a healthy way to relieve blood pressure. At least, that’s what your brain tells you because conventional wisdom says cocoa is bad for the body. In reality, choc-choc does have wellbeing benefits if you use it correctly. For example, it has antioxidant properties that are greater than ‘superfoods’ such as berries and acai.

As long as you eat no more than two squares per day, and the chocolate is over 70% rich, you will lower your blood pressure. The same goes for wine. Red wine helps the heart beat more effectively, but you must drink it in moderation. Women, that means a single glass every day, regardless of age. Men, on the other hand, should only have red wine once a day if you’re over sixty-five-years-old. Sure, you need to do your research to make sure it isn’t fake news or a fad. However, if you find empirical evidence to back up the claims, you shouldn’t be afraid to incorporate it into your lifestyle. Eating chocolate and drinking wine are the hacks that keep a routine fresh and exciting.

Don’t let assumptions make an ass out of you and me. After all, everything is possible if you believe in it enough!


While high blood pressure is a condition that requires your attention, it isn’t irreversible. From consuming more chocolate and wine to listening to music, you may be surprised at the options on the table.

However, none of the above are effective unless you cut out junk food and exercise regularly. Whatever lifestyle tricks you try, a balanced diet and working out should be at the foundation of everything you do.

Do you have hypertension? How do you keep your blood pressure under control?

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