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Emerging From The Fog…

Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I feel like I am emerging from the fog?

The last 18 months have been a shock to the system, haven’t they? I feel like it was 2020 literally minutes ago.

And now we are three months off 2022!

Blogging was my creative outlet and in the last few years, it fell by the wayside while I navigated terrible twos and threenagers.

What did you miss?

Well, I don’t have babies anymore. Nope, both the boys are now school age. That’s another milestone it’s itself. And let me tell you, it’s become easier. The being able to leave the house with just the kids and my bag, rather than mentally checking off every gadget or thing that’s needed to do a small trip to the shops.

We welcomed a rescue dog from Romania, called Daisy into our family late last year. She is going to get her own blog all to herself because she is ace.

We embarked on renovating the house! We moved in 5 years ago with a toddler and fell pregnant again shortly after. A combination of extortionate childcare costs and the idea of living in a building site with babies meant we popped our plans for the house on hold, but they have begun with gusto. Definitely expect more of that, we’re literally weeks away from putting a new kitchen in. Fun fact: Smashing internal walls in is AMAZING as a stress reliever!

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