When I got pregnant, I naively thought I would have LOADS of free time, where I could sit and blog and regale people with my exciting parenting exploits, whilst my baby slept (naive to the point of stupid on that one!) and I would spend my days baking and coming up with fun and educational crafts to add to my Pinterest. I would limit tv time, never feed my kid junk and all of the other silly things you think pre-kids, amirite, other mums?

But it didn’t happen like that. It was almost 4 years later I decided I should probably go back to that blog. Time flies so quickly it’s nice to document it. Plus, I find blogs a great resource for parents, especially if they cover local content, which I intend to do. So you’ll find my musings on parenting, things I like and like to do in my spare time and places we all like to visit.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂


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